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2020 season prediction

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If Ben stays healthy most of the year or at least for the main games. 


win the division

Watt DPOY 20 sacks

Defence :

#1 sacks as well as TO's

Tuitt Pro Bowl (and many others)

Banner is a good road grader


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think we can go all the way; we seem to know how to play lamar (you spread your D wide close to the line so as to stop the run and make him beat you with his arm, and you get lots of pressure on the guy up the middle and on the edges; DCs thinking you can just sit back and wait for him to screw up are how he was able to slice and dice so many teams - he's stoppable, you just have to be proactive about doing it), and we have an offense finally.

i'd love to see us play the saints in the super bowl, because that has been my pick every year since 2016 and it's my pick again this year. this year is the first year since then, however, that i am picking us to take it - can't wait to see how it goes

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I think that we are all quietly optimistic that this team can and will go all the way. However, I think was also have some pause or angst with this team in regards to:

1. Health/Injuries- - We saw how much that can kill us. No Ben, Connor and Ju Ju out significant stretches, no Tuitt. Need all of those guys and more to remain relatively healthy all year for consistency.

2. Consistency - - This is a weird year, but in the past, the Steelers have been very fire and ice(hot/cold).  They have started slow and then steamed forward only to sputter or self implode at the end the past few seasons. 

3. Being realistic in this unknown and strange season with a pandemic.

If most or all things go well, I can see this team competing and beating any opponent.

Big Ben - - NFL Comeback Player of the Year edging out teammate James Connor

James Connor is in the top Five in terms of yardage and productivity at RB

Ju Ju has a bounce back year and leads the team in receptions and TD passes

TJ Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick battle for NFL DPOY Award

Bush and Edmonds take their games to the next level respectively

Steelers surprisingly lead the charge with a whopping nine (9) Pro Bowl players (hopefully, they won't get to play in the game for playing in the SB):

Ben                            Minkah

Connor                      Nelson

Pouncey                    Cam

DeCastro                   Watt


Biggest Surprises:

1. Winning the AFC North Division over the heavily favored Ravens in a tie breaker with both teams going 12 - 4. 

2. Winning the AFC Championship

3. Winning SB #7 behind the arm of #7 who is the SB MVP outplaying Drew Brees and the Saints in what will affectionately be called the AARP Bowl. 😀





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