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Mike Evans and his (lack of) targets


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Teams are doing the same thing to mike evans they are doing for years now, the reason evans had so many targets and catches in the past was because he was so good that no matter where glennon and winston would throw the ball to he had the abillity to get it 9/10 times.

Now there were many time where winston would force it to him with 2-3 guys on him and it would get deflected or most time picked. Tom Brady on the other hand has a much higher QB iq then winston ever did so he isnt just looking at evans because he knows he can get him out of a hole he is looking for the best option no matter who it is.

I do believe that teams are doubling evans alot as of the last 2-3 games so guys like johnson, miller and gronk are able to get open more and more now. 

Im not worried about evans at all, his time will come this season, i think he will still get 10+ tds and close to 1000 yards.

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