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Cam Sims

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3 hours ago, Slappy Mc said:


Don't misconstrue what I said. The only reason he deserves PT is because there is no one else. Honestly, he isnt much better than Isiaah Wright... also I never claimed him to be a #3, I think at his best he is a #3. I think if we had ANYONE (Maybe another Sims WR that had over 100 yards last week) that could catch a cold in winter that Sims would only see the field on Special Teams (which I have argued he shouldn't be doing either).  

On his worst days when healthy he goes for 3 receptions and 50 yards and thats with an inaccurate QB throwing him the ball like Haskins. I’m not trying to say the guy is a definite lock to be a long term answer but come on over 7 games including last year - he’s proven more than anyone in this WR corps but Terry & Inman.

Cam Sims had one good half of football vs NFL starting caliber corners. I have high hopes for him but come on man he’s got to follow that up over at least the second half of the season  w/ at least avg performances to prove he belongs as much as Steven Smith has proven.

Also, they’re different types of WRs obviously, I hope they both work out. 

I honestly don’t know what you don’t like about S. Sims so much. You say you thinks his reached his ceiling but that’s an opinion, you say he’s not a good route runner but when I watch him he’s breaking CBs ankles and getting open when he’s healthy. 

It’s fine, but I don’t get it. I hope they both with out long term, I think there’s a chance they will and if not we’ll need to draft a WR and sign a FA WR next spring bc at this point we have zero clue in what we have in AGG bc he’s been hurt most of the year and I’m not even sure how well he knows the offense yet.

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