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I enjoy following my team. I have always been and will always be...a glass half full guy. Since the average odds for winning a SB is 1/32...I see high expectations as a set up for a ruining of the fan experience. I am older, so it has taken me some years to get here, but I now really enjoy each week. So what is there to by happy about with the current state of the team? We are getting experience at quite a few positions...because of injuries, and it is with players who will likely be quality depth down the road. I feel that we may be seeing a very deep and talented defense being built. We have picked up some solid FA acquisitions, and have drafted pretty well defensively under Ballard. 

We have been so weak and thin in the secondary for so long....that it is easy to be excited at what is developing. I feel confidant that Ballard will address ILB depth this offseason. I think we are deep enough for now on the D line until we get shored up in other areas. Oline is obviously a concern, but we have to see what we get development wise for the rest of this season, and who comes back from injuries. Continuity is a bigger issues than talent is IMO. 


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Rashaan Mathis, Mattias Farley and Nate Hairston are just 3 names that show the depth that we didn’t know what we had.

Mathis played decent last year and showed up this year to be one of the better CBs possibly even better then Davis at times. If we don’t resign Davis next year we could see Wilson and Mathis starting and maybe another draft pick to provide depth. We’ll have to see if Desir or Moore can progress to that. 

Farley has been exciting to watch filling in for Clayton Geathers. I really thought we were going to be in trouble without Geathers. Hopefully TJ Green can see an improvement though I think he might be a bust. 

Hairston has established himself as a pretty good slot CB. Making it even easier for Butler to focus on free safety alongside/behind Hooker. This past week Quincy Wilson was pretty much a healthy scratch because the staff went with Davis, Mathis and Hairston in the starting line up and Desir and Moore were kept active for special teams. 

I'm keeping my judgement on the OL to myself. Ballard had made mention on a couple of occasions of how impressed he was with the off season workouts of the OL. And so far injuries and subpar performance has been holding them back. 

Also need to mention Al Woods and Margus Hunt as players who’ve played far beyond expectations. 

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