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Figured out the end game


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With news of Aaron Rogers setting up his departure from GB after this year, I think I am on to what Caesar Salad is up to...

Build the pieces to entice Rogers to want to come here next year.

Throw GB one of the 1st round picks, the Texans pick up in the eventual Watson deal (maybe even a 2nd if Caserio plays hard ball).

Auditions are this year for every opening - RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, and the secondary.

You prove you got it?  You get that second deal and chance to play with A-Rodg for 2 years.


Imagine 2022 Roster

QB Aaron Rogers, Mills

RB David Johnson, Lindsay, rookie

X-WR Cooks, Coulter   Z-WR Collins, Conley    Slot WR Coutee, Miller

Move TE Jordan, Warring   Y-TE Brown

T Tunsil, RoJo   RT Howard, Heck 

LG Lane Taylor, Scharping   RG Cannon, Green

C Britt, IOL rookie


Edge rookie (1st round), Omenihu, Lawson, Greenard

IDL Blacklock, Collins, Taylor, Walker / Jaleel Johnson

LB Cunningham, Pierre-Louis, Rivers, Thomas,  Jenkins, Kirksey, Wallow

CB Roby, vet CB  (Fuller, Moreau), King, Crossen, Reid

SAF Reid, Johnson, Brooks, Owens

ST Fairbairn, Johnston, Weeks


That team could compete in the AFC and on to the Super Bowl!  OK full disclosure... had spinal surgery and I am on some GREAT meds

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