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2021 Takes: Who ends up as core guys?


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Figured it’d be fun to look back on this thread come end of season. With this roster, we’re littered with young guys who are unproven. 

Who, at the end of the season, do you think we are looking at as core/key players? Who are under the radar guys who you think end up being better than we thought?

On the flip side, who do you think doesn’t either live up to their potential or disappoints?

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For me, excluding the guys who I already view in that light (Myles, JRob, and Shaq) and Trevor for obvious reasons:

Josh Allen

Davon Hamilton

Laviska Shenault


Hard for me to put a rookie on there personally as it’s impossible to tell us usually that early on. They may make some splash players here and there but takes a bit more than that for me to view them in that light. A dark horse I’d add would be Sidney Jones, as it seems purely about health. He looked like a legit CB1 last year IMO and thus far his training camp reviews have been glowing.

Chaisson is hard for me to peg. It’s great to hear things have been improving but I’m still not sold on him off the edge being a consistent pass rusher. I do think he’ll end up being very useful in the role they’re putting him in (exotic blitzes, coverage) but if he doesn’t end up being a guy you can count on to win off the edge it’s kind of disappointing where we took him.


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I think Laviska Shenault will be our #1 receiver by the end of the season.  I like his skill set and his attitude.  Good guy.

I also think Gardner Minshew is going to have to visit a bathroom, go #2, and then accept his role as #2 on the depth chart.  :D

Another guy I like a lot in interviews is K'Lavon Chaisson.  While it's too early to predict a huge jump from him this year, it wouldn't surprise me if that happened because he didn't have much of an off season last year, so I'm hoping he will start to live up to his draft position in 2021.


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