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What are your expectations for the season?


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On 9/21/2021 at 4:59 PM, AnAngryAmerican said:

You do understand I relish the role of being a contrarian, right? 

Secondly, I’ve been correct far more often than not - on Mac, on Vance, on Keenum, on Josh Allen, the list goes on - and often when I take a position that conflicts with the prevailing wisdom I do with so with solid reasoning. 

As it stands with the current team, I maintain Vic isn’t a Super Bowl HC, Teddy isn’t a SB QB and Paton/Ellis setting low expectations shouldn’t be accepted by the fanbase. The fact there isn’t more outrage about those comments, and that they’ve convinced the boot-licking, booty-kissing media to be on-air and churning out copy that says things like “at least they’re not totally inept anymore” is criminal. 

It’s been two games, against the Giants and Jaguars. I remember people here turning cartwheels when Mac’s 2009 team blew out the Browns and Raiders in his first month. Let’s pull back on the stick a little bit. 

You are relish.  Dilly, and good on a hot dog.  Dilly Dilly.

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