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Now That The Draft Is Done...

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20 minutes ago, Karnage84 said:

And if he isn't (injury or not), we have assets to acquire someone who can have success with what has been built. 

- Top 10 OL (barring injury)

- Assets at WR

- Established rushing attack

- Depth at edge rusher (we're at least 2-3 deep at each spot)

The biggest question marks on the team lie in the secondary - both at safety and corner (however, we have seen flashes from several guys); and linebacker (if we're running a 4-2-5 variation, you've already mitigated the risk and we could be surprised). 

If Goff fails out, we trade up to draft a rookie (Stroud/Young) or a veteran (in the mold of a Stafford-esque move), it shouldn't stop us from building out some of the remaining gaps. 

You’re right. He has created options if Goff doesn’t work out. The defence will succeed or fail based on the line

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Okudah took #1....I wanted Jameson in #1...should we rebel and do whatever we can until he gives it up???? I feel okudah is on the backburner but was a top pick and the vet....just seems like he should f off lol 

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