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Patriots sign Mike Gesicki


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3 minutes ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Told you we’re not drafting a TE 😁



Definitely doesn’t seem like we take one in the top two tight ends, probably top 3 rounds honestly



but, Henry and Gesicki’s contracts are set to expire after this season. I don’t think anything’s off the table with Belichick in the draft this year. I could still see us taking one in round 4 or so.. We don’t really have a clear cut #1 need right now IMO though. 

Definitely wouldn’t be a fan of them taking a TE early though at this point

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This entire offense is basically on a 1 year deal outside of JSS and Thornton. Nothing is off the table. I could still very much see some trades shaking things up during/after the draft (Parker/Henry/Bourne). They don't have anyone who can block, and BB has said multiple times that Gesicki is a receiver, not a TE. This almost feels like he's going to be used less inline and more out wide/all over the formation. I like that they are in on a player like him though.. it furthers the cause towards Zack Kuntz. Gesicki is the perfect guy for him to learn from for a year then take over his role. 


Henry on the other hand.. i'm not convinced he makes it out of camp. Think of this scenario: 

- Patriots trade back from 14 a couple times picking up extra 3rds/4ths along the way

- Patriots draft an OT in the 25-30 range

- Patriots TRADE UP using some of those assets they got from 46 to around 35 and draft Darnell Washington ( He immediately is the blocker and goes into the Gronk role) 

- Patriots trade up from 76 into the back half of the 2nd with their remaining 1st round trade back assets to select Darius Rush ( Big CB, check) 

- 4th round Patriots select Zack Kuntz ( Gesicki replacement) 

- 4th Round Patriots select Bryce Ford-Wheaton ( they want tall players who are fast to develop.. that's him) 


You look at the above scenario and think " oh they won't keep 4 TEs" ... well 1) Gesicki may not be considered a TE and 2) if Henry doesn't dramatically improve he could be cut / traded. 

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4 minutes ago, DoleINGout said:

me too

I think people will be surprised how little "TE" he actually plays. He could be something like 30% Inline / 40% Slot / 30% out wide. 


He could be seen as Parker insurance for when he gets hurt.. or even cutting into his playing time. It's so hard to tell what they want to do because they have so many different skill sets and they are all one 1-2 year deals essentially. 


That's awesome for matchups, but is going to be hard to put together a 53 man roster. Some of these guys we are talking about today are going to end up cut because they don't have enough spots. 

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I’d like to see Hunter Henry let go or traded and then sign Foster Moreau and/or Tommy Sweeney. With Moreau you’d truly have a blocking tight end with upside. Darnell Washington, Michael Mayer and the other prospects wouldn’t be a real consideration at that point and they could target Marvin Mims Jr. or best available player between OL, CB, DL, LB and S.

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On 3/17/2023 at 12:23 PM, DoleINGout said:

I like this signing but I wouldn’t say that Hunter Henry is safe yet. Neither guy is really a blocker and a lot of money can be saved by moving on from Henry. Kind of hope they do after drafting Washington or Mayer early.

If we drafted Mayer, I’m more than happy moving on from Henry. 

I can’t see it though, I would put him toward end of first round or beginning of second? As usual, we aren’t in a good spot for our favourites 

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