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Mid season grades


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Not all is lost in this season. I think we were able to uncover some real cornerstone and key players long-term.

Surprise list:

Luke Goedeke RT B+

Not an all pro by any means but he’s been very good this year. Battled some tough edge guys and more times than not he’s either won or had a push in those reps. Want to see if he can sustain this play rest of the season and if he can - watch out Bucs have their current and future RT.


Christian Izien B+

I think for a rookie NCB he has been good as you can ask him to be. Sound tackler, makes good plays on the ball and if he does get beat he’s only a step or so behind. Again time will tell if we have a keeper at NCB.


Zyon McCollum A

When he had to come in and start he looked like our best CB on the roster. He’s outplayed Jamel Dean this year and its not even close. Pleased with his progression - might have to consider making an off season trade to get him on the field. If it was me, im packing Dean up and getting draft ammo.


The usuals

Antoine Winfield A+

Been the best bucs player the whole season. He’s going to get a fat bag this year either franchise or extended.

Tristian Wirfs A+

He has a case to being the best Bucs overall player too. Solid as a rock and been the best LT in all of football. Bucs have his year 5 option picked up so we’ll have the flexibility to end him and free up even more cap space.


Lavonte David A

Can’t ask for anything more than what this man has provided. He’s been exceptional this year. You want to see more splash plays from him but the Bucs scheme White to generate the sacks, FF etc…


Carlton Davis A

He’s been playing good ball on the right side. Rarely gives up the big play and has been steady as they come. Not picking off passes but thats never been his game.


Vita Vea A

Best DL on the team and it’s not even close. He has been putting lineman through hell every week. The things he does shows up on tape and not as much as the stats show.


Calijah Kancey N/A

Has not played many games but when he has played its been dominant reps. He’s going to be very good - he’s got that aaron donald like explosion and stack and shed power at the POA. He will most likely grade at an A

Rest of the line group

Shaq Barrett B+

Joe Tryon D+

Devin White C


Matt Feiler D+
Cody Mauch C+
Ryan Hainsey C-


Baker Mayfield C+

Rachaad White C

Mike Evans B+

Chris Godwin B+

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I agree with most
Goedeke moving to RT and Izien coming out of nowhere have been great finds

Feiler needs to go lol honestly this whole running scheme needs to go

our OL looks like it doesnt even know how to run block at all, RBs are missing some holes but even then, there arent many to begin with

id rather trade Davis than Dean though

i hate that our D is so good and yet offset by being so bad on 3rd down

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I would put Baker at B-. He's been average - basically what he was paid for to be. Not all on him - the interior has been trash. Mauch can't be trashed yet as he's still a rookie from ND St. Hainsley and Fieler are being replaced next year. ASAP. 

White is not a starting RB. Need another guy that can get tough yards between the tackles. Canales has been meh. Raw playcaller who seems to have regressed Week over Week. Stop pushing a run game without a running back and having a piece junk interior OL. 

Goedeke has really stepped up. He's back home at RT and showing it. Wirfs is just a pure stud. Lock him up to a 8 year deal please. :)

At receiver - Palmers has been a nice find. Godwin is our best receiver. Evans is playing like , well he wants to be somewhere else next year. Otton did not take a step forward from last year as we expected from him after a good rookie year. Keift is one dimensional. 

Defensively - I am dissapointed in Jamel Dean. Went from being one of the better corners to not playing well at all after getting that deal. Maybe its because he's playing more zone than man coverage - who knows, but Bowles needs to get more out of his top two corners making 15MM a year. 

Logan hall has improved. Not great but has developed from his rookie year. Maybe next year he takes the next step. Tryon started out hot early but is still too streaky. 

David and Winfield have been studs. Hard to let David walk after this year. 

Devin White - it's laughable that he requested a trade after we declined to pay him 20+MM a year. The guy is trash and the INT he got was due to a ball thrown right at him. He had zero trade value to a contending team. Bowles loved his talent and upside but theres a time to walk away from it - and we should have this offseason. 


Overall - I think this team might have been in a better position under a better staff. I really wonder how sold ownership was on naming Bowles the successor when Arians retired 2-3 months after the coaching interview processes. Did he feel the need he had to strong arm ownership into naming Bowles the guy? Seems that way. The only reason we're in contention for the playoffs is because the South is trash. 

Baker hasnt shown he's the long term answer. But are we going to play our way out of someone? My guess is yes- unless Penix falls. 

This team is going to finish between 7-10 and 9-8. Sadly, that can win you the south. 

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