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Steelers make official request to host draft


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“We believe our city will be an excellent host to showcase the great history that connects Western Pennsylvania to the early roots of professional football and the evolution of the game through the decades,” Steelers P.R. chief Burt Lauten said in a statement issued to Dulac. “The NFL draft will draw hundreds of thousands of fans and out-of-town visitors, and we look forward to working with local and state officials and community leaders to ensure we craft a successful bid to host the 2026 or 2027 NFL draft.”

The league plans to select the 2026 draft location in early 2024.

The draft would be held on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, in the vicinity of but not inside the team’s home stadium.



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Putting it in North Shore is what’s going to lose it for them IMO.

I saw someone else suggest this so I can’t take credit, but for them to really win a draft they should talk about using Point Park as the fan central, the stadium for extra activities, then put a barge in the middle of the river with boats taking the players to it as the stage.

Pittsburgh’s losing point for the draft is there is no central boulevard area.  So it’s either do that,  use the Cathedral of Learning as the backdrop to the stage and Pitt’s quad as the grounds, Schenley Park with Phipps as the backdrop, PPG’s parking lot, or the Convention Center’s parking.

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