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Week 14 Thoughts/GDT

Mid Iowa

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Well we are really kicking the snot out of the Panthers....

As cool as I think it is for Daniels to win the Heisman, I think the cat is officially out of the bag, and I am guessing that he will become out of reach for Us. We absolutely need a QB, and an offensive coordinator that knows how to put together an offense that can score against the worst team in football.

I think we all know, and are all finished with the Derek Carr experiment, along with the Pete Carmichael and Dennis Allen experiment.

In addition, you know it's bad when you're on the 37-yard line and you send out your punter.

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apparently me watching the game isn't enough bad luck to overcome how bad the Panthers actually are.

I'm not exactly done with the Carr experiment, but I am done with the coaches.  I still think Carr has the ability to be a good QB for the length of his contract/what we are required to keep him from.

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This is now three different players/coaches at least that Derek Carr has had problems with in front of everyone.  There have also been several other players seem to throw a bit of shade at him throughout this season.

At this point, I'm not sure the locker room hasn't also had enough of him.  If we just started Jameis from here on out no one would care.

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15 hours ago, Jlowe22 said:

If we just started Jameis from here on out no one would care.

Watch any pregame and look at how the entire team responds to Jameis. They absolutely love him! He's one of (if not the) the first guys out on the field, and he greets every player with a 5/handshake and/or a hug. Prior to his knee injury, Jameis was doing better than Carr - from a TD/INT ratio and overall TDs aspect - and Jameis is way better than Carr in the red zone. 

In 2021 with Jameis as starter, here's the red zone stats (injury year, so only 7 games):
Jameis - inside the 20, 76.19% completions. 11 TDs / 0 Ints (in 21 attempts)
                inside the 10, 77.78% completions. 5 TDs / 0 Ints (in 9 attempts)
Summary, 16 TDs and 0 Int's in 30 attempts through 7 games (actually more like 6 as he was injured early in the game).

This season with Carr as the starter, here's his red zone stats: 
Derek - inside the 20, 46.3% completions. 11 TDs / 1 Ints (in 54 attempts)
                inside the 10, 32% completions. 8 TDs / 0 Ints (in 25 attempts)
Summary, 19 TDs and 1 Int in 79 attempts 13 games.

Even this season, Jameis is better:
inside the 20, 75% completions. 2 TDs / 0 Ints (in 4 attempts)
             Nothing inside the 10.
I know this season is a small sample size, bet facts are facts.

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