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Team Needs?

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Just now, mountainpd said:

Decent year 1. Joe average year 2. Poor in coverage decent in box

Jinx. I'd say he was closer to joe average in 2016 but this past season he was made to look silly "in the box" at least once per game.

Misi's steady (if uninspiring) presence may have hurt more than anticipated. There's a reason the team kept him around for 8 seasons.

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On 2/2/2018 at 10:38 AM, Danger said:

If y'all don't mind me asking. How has Kiko Alonso been for you guys?

I wan't a fan of the trade in the 1st place. Moved us out of the top 10, and we claimed we fixed holes in our defense by creating more with Maxwell (cut) and Alonso. Neither was a fit for what we were doing on our defense. Maxwell was a press & bail CB, who we forced into a Cover 2 man scheme where he had to track his guy all over the field, and Alonso is just not the same player after all of his injuries and being put in a one gap attacking front, despite having had his best year in Pettine's 2 gap hybrid front. Alonso was a poor at Mike last year being unable to get off of blocks, and he didn't have the range for a 3 down pass defender. So he got bumped to weakside this year, but being a standard 4-3, the positions are relatively the same and we got the same, poor, results.

Oh yeah, we also extended him with a first round tender so . . .

Meanwhile the Eagles are playing tonight in a Super Bowl with a competent FO (FU Tannenbaum), a true offensive football guru (Gase is a fraud), and a DC with a lot of experience and some great talent (Burke doesn't get it).


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