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Who Should I Keep?: Post Your Keeper Questions here.


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Update on my keeper question. Of course I ended up with pick 10. My favorite part is that the guy who won the league last year, with Bell and Gurley, gets the first pick of the draft. So once again he is going to have two superstars at the top. Because of my pick placement (last), looks like I have to keep Kareem Hunt over Hopkins and Thomas. Most of the running backs are kept and will go earlier in the draft, so unfortunately, Hunt is the only way for sure I secure at least one legit running back without just going 0 RB. I think this is really going to press my back against the wall with regards to being competitive. I think it'll have to be keep Hunt, stud wide receivers back to back with my first two actual picks (I can probably take McCaffrey too, but I'm not all in there yet, and If I could land 2 of Thomas / Hopkins / Julio / OBJ or whatever wide receivers are there, I think I trust that a little more) 

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