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Sardines in a Can: A Tribute to Our Soccer Stadium

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Having recently been in the tippy-topmost (as in best/coach's/likely where the Spanii will be if they ever actually attend a game) suite at StubHub Center... it's actually pretty dope.  That said, the actual seats in it are RIGHT UP AGAINST the field level crowd seats - like you can practically reach in from the outside.

So... chances of a Lil' Johnny shanking at some point this season?

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On 7/15/2017 at 7:16 PM, Boltstrikes said:

Depends on if I can get in the stadium at all.

Well, from what's I've learned, if you valet they'll at least give your wife a complementary clear-plastic tote bag since purses and other bags still aren't allowed in the stadium unless they're see-through.

Also, it's weird but the accessibility of off-site parking nearby actually tends to encourage tailgating there, so that's actually in a weird way beneficial.  I know there was already talk among one major group in Orange County that were planning on attending games about setting up a regular park-and-ride with a charter bus company.

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