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Mike Pouncey signs with the Chargers 2 year deal


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On 3/20/2018 at 7:09 PM, game3525 said:

Disagree, Weddle was never in the Chargers long-term plans after 2015. Remember, Weddle only started talking after the Chargers shutdown contracts talk right before the season. Even if Weddle kept his mouth shut, they still would have let him go. Telesco was never going to commit a long-term contract to 30+ year old safety. 

If I remember correctly, Williams was always going to be the pick at seven. Bolles and Lamp were who they are targeting if they were able to trade down. It is a mute point anyway, they should have just taking Lattimore at 7.:P

I lobbied hard for Hooker. Imagine how much more fun Sunday’s would be screaming Hooker. 


Im hoping for Penny in either the second or third this year. That’s my dream. 

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