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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Trade 7th
Buffalo Bills Trade 12th Pick, 22nd Pick, 96th Pick
The Bills have a lot of ammo this year. Having 6 Picks in 3 round, they use there ammo to trade up with us and not let Arizona or Miami take their guy. As for us, we trade back knowing that the top 3 players are gone, and we need to add more talent and depth on the team.
With the 12th Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ( Via Buffalo Bills) Select Derwin James, S, Florida State.
We have our eyes on him at 7th Pick, but we take the trade with Buffalo to gain another 2nd round after losing the 3rd in the trade with JPP. I think we all would love to add a Saftey with Evans. I don't want to go into another season and having Conte/Tandy in that spot. James is a fierce leader that we need in the backend of the defense. Having the tandem of Evans and James in the back would be yet another set in the right direction. Some might not say he will last this long, but the teams ahead of us now aren't looking for Saftey expect the Raiders, but they might pick Fitzpatrick. Another draft choice I could see us choosing here would be Marcus Davenport, but I think we select another DE later in the draft.
With the 22nd Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Via Buffalo Bills) Select Will Hernandez, G, UTEP
After our O-Line having a horrible year last year, we add Jensen to man the Center spot and move Marpet back to his original position of Gaurd. Now the other Gaurd spot has a hole, I don't think Sweezy will last past camp if we add a Gaurd to in this draft like we are. Hernandez can come in, and I think he ultimately wins this spot. Having the O-Line of Smith - Marpet - Jensen - Hernandez - Dotson could do wonders for our new RB core of Chubb and Barber. Also, help out Winston.
With the 38th Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia.
As of right now, I feel like there are going to be 3 - 4 RB chosen in the top of the 2nd round. Having the 38th Pick and seeing whos left on the board, we go with Chubb. I would love to add either Michael or Guice, but I don't see them being there. Chubb isn't a bad selection, and I think we all know that we need to add another RB to the core we have now. Bringing back Barber was a smart move, but adding Chubb is again yet another move in the right direction.
With the 96th Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select Tarvarus McFadden, Florida State, CB.
I loved how we brought back Grimes on a 1-year deal, and we still can't forget that we have VHG III. Now with VHG, it seems as the coaching staff wants him to play more in the slot than outside. After heading to his pro day, we weren't watching him much, but his teammates of James and Sweat. I love the height of McFadden 6'2, and he put on a little weight at 204. He did run a really slow time on the 40 at the combine (4.67) which is why it hurt his stock, but at his pro day he ran a little fast at 4.65, but other stopwatches had him at 4.5?? I feel like he can learn behind Grimes for a year and hopefully, something good comes out of that.
With the 102nd Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select Nyheim Hynes, RB, NC State
@bucsfan333 He's got the right pick here. As he said in his mock Hynes might be small, but he is fast and shifty. After adding Chubb to the mix of running backs, we need that receiving RB and that is where Hynes comes in and gives us that since Sims is not coming back. An RB core of Chubb, Hynes, Barber - behind the O-Line that we add, I feel we are going in the right direction.
With the 144th Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select Duke Ejiofor, DE, Wake Forest.
Starting to get into the later rounds is hard to predict, but I think in these later rounds we need to get more in the trench guys like Ejiofor. I know we add (JPP, Curry, and still have Spence) but like everyone always says "You can never have too many pass rushers" Ejiofor isn't a speed rusher and needs to have more of a consistent motor, but he loves to use his hands to get off blockers. I feel like coming in on sub packages and rotation is a better fit for Ejifor and that's what we can do with him, with everyone we have on our line.
With the 180th Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select Lowell Lotulelei, DT, Utah.
Like Ejiofor, we need to add in the trenches. Brother of Carolina star player (Star Lotulelei), Lowell played well in his beginning years of football (Freshman and Sophomore year) but his Junior year he was said to play sloppy and seem like he didn't care for football anymore. This is why his draft stock has gone down a bit, but looking at his tape from his early years, I think that getting him to play alongside McCoy and all the other players add will make him serious about football again.
With the 202nd Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select Maea Teuhema, G/OT, Southeastern Louisiana.
Again just like the two picks before adding to the trenches is a must. I think we draft Hernandez, but getting more depth at the O-Line doesn't hurt. Teuhema was a four* recruit coming out and started with LSU playing all 13 games at G, ignorantly he got realized from his scholarship because of academics. So he transfers to was his brother played at and took over the starting LT position. I feel like again, getting more depth at this position might be a must.
With the 255th Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select Keishawn Bierria, ILB/OLB, Washinton.
This late in the draft is kind of hard picking, so I went with depth at a position of strength for us. He might not even make the team, but why not bring someone in that has the heart like Bullough.


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This looks a bit familiar lol 

I like it . I think I like Penny more than chubb. Both physical runners but Penny gives that David Johnson vibe who's just more dynamic. 

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