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Forum by Forum Mock Draft - Pick 24


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Every year there is a voting mock draft in the draft forum.  I like to let only team fans vote for the pick.  The 2018 Forum by forum mock draft is here.  The Carolina Panthers are on the clock with pick 24.  The first guy to 5 picks is the selection.  If no one gets to 5 after 24 hours the leader wins.  In case of a tie the earliest to the lead total wins.  If you discuss multiple gys in your post, please make a clear indication in your post who your actual choice is.

1. Cleveland - Sam Darnold

2. Giants - Saquon Barkley

3. Jets - Josh Rosen

4. Cleveland - Bradley Chubb

5, Denver - Quentin Nelson 

6. Indianapolis - Denzel Ward

7. Tampa - Derwin James

8. Chicago - Tremaine Edmunds

9. SF 49ers - Minkah Fitzpatrick

10. Oakland - Vita Vea

11. Miami - Roquon Smith

12. Buffalo - Baker Mayfield

13. Washington - Derrius Guice

14. Green Bay - Harold Landry

15. Arizona - Josh Allen

16. Baltimore - DJ Moore

17. LA Chargers - Lamar Jackson

18. Seattle - Mike McGlinchey

19. Dallas - Calvin Ridley

20. Detroit - Da'Ron Payne

21. Cincinnati - Marcus Davenport

22. Buffalo - Layton Vander Esch

23. NE - Rashaan Evans

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I voted in the last one for the Patriots. Uhh, I saw somebody today post something about DJ Moore being a target. They interviewed Calvin Ridley a couple times. But in my mock draft a Panthers fan said Jaire Alexander over any wide receiver. I would just @ some people here or in other forums with Panthers sigs or that you know are Panthers fans. Too bad this sub isn't more active.

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It's a slow sub-forum. I know you said 24 hours, so I'm tentatively casting my vote here for Will Hernandez (G UTEP). A lot of people would probably like a Safety or a Cornerback here, but given our weakness along the offensive line, I don't mind drafting for depth here and creating some competition for Taylor Moton at the left guard spot. Cam's not getting any younger, and the more protection we have on the line, the better.


Also, I would like to petition the threads author to allow extra time until at least five votes have been accumulated. I'd hate to be the one and only vote at the end of twenty-four hours, when there're other posters here with a ton more experience and knowledge than myself. Just have to give 'em time to check the sub.

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I'll second Hernandez, Guard. Solid OL draft class but not a lot of depth so its smart to take one early. Jordan Gross will be announcing our 1st round pick too. :)


Moving on to the next few picks, I'd like to look at TE, DE and S/CB but overall going BPA

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