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Final Final Mock Before the Draft


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Ok. I promise this is my last one.


1.7 Derwin James [ S ] Florida State

6’2” 215lbs | 4.47 40 | 40” vert | 132” broad jump | 21 reps

I still think Nelson falls to seven. But James fills one of our biggest needs. Our secondary was a mess last year and we haven't done anything to remedy that yet. James starts day one.

We had him in for a private workout. And he thinks he'll be a Buc. Everyone does, really. ?


2.6 Isaiah Oliver [ CB ] Colorado

6’ 201lbs | 4.5 40 | 6.85 three cone | 3.94 shuttle | 126” broad jump |  35.5” vert

We double dip with secondary picks. Koetter’s statement about VHIII a while back kinda stuck with me. It sounds like they're disappointed that he's a nickel CB, but we're gonna roll with it. Oliver can play on the outside. He's got good size. Ryan Smith isn't ready and we've gotta try to get ahead of the loss of Bounce.

We were at his pro day.



This is where it gets interesting. We still haven't addressed our biggest hole on offense: RB.


Rashaad Penny [ RB ] San Diego State

5’11” 220lbs | 4.46 40 | 120” broad jump | 32.5” vert | 13 reps

With Barkley, Guice, and maybe Michel likely to go in the first round, that leaves Penny, Chubb, and Jones as possible second round picks. I think Penny is the guy that falls from that next group, and we trade up to get him. Last year showed that a deep RB class has guys fall.

We trade up into the end of the second round/beginning of the third round, giving up 4.2, 6.6 and a future third. This is a draft where quality far outweighs quantity. We've gotta win more games next year if Licht/Koetter wanna stick around.

I honestly think Koetter would prefer to have one back carry the ball 20 times instead of the RBBC a lot of teams use. Penny can be that guy.

We brought him in for a private visit.


We go into day three with no glaring holes. We can go BPA from here on out.


5.7 Mark Walton [ RB ] Miami (FL)

5’10” 188lbs | 4.6 40 | 31.5” vert | 118 broad jump | 18 reps

We double dip at RB. Otherwise we're bringing back Charles Sims. Walton's bad 40 time drops him. But he's a good receiver with some wiggle to his game. He can challenge for reps as a third down back, but he'll be a gameday inactive while he works on his pass blocking and puts on a little weight.

We had a private workout with him.


6.28 Tre’Quan Smith [ WR ] Central Florida

6’1” 210lbs | 4.49 40 | 6.97 three cone | 4.5 shuttle | 37.5” vert | 130” broad jump

We've scouted a few WRs this year. We're stacked right now, with probably the best depth in the league. But DJax and Hump are both likely gone after this year. Smith has great size and exceptional athleticism. He's just really raw.

We had a private workout with him.


7.37 Mike Love [ DE ] USF

6’4” 266lbs | 4.76 40 | 7.05 three cone | 35” vert | 121” broad jump | 24 reps

He's got great athleticism. Injuries and production are his two biggest questions, and why he falls to the seventh round.

We had him in for a workout.

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I have been working on my last mock before draft night and I have James and Oliver slotted as well.

James fills so many needs for this team. Shores up the back end of the secondary, brings the dog attitude Kwon wants, becomes the leader and voice of the secondary. I think he is this best safety to come out in the last 5+ years. Derwin at 7 or lower would be a home run.

as for Oliver I think he is the best corner in the draft. I think he starts day 1 on the outside. I love Penny and if we get him in the 3rd that would be a steal in my book.

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1 minute ago, What_The_Buc said:

I love Penny and if we get him in the 3rd that would be a steal in my book.

Analysts have been posting big boards all over the place. Penny is a bit lower than I expected. A few weeks ago it sounded like Penny had a chance to go before guys like Chubb and Jones. Now it sounds like he could slip, kinda like Godwin did last year.

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1 minute ago, Lil' Shorty said:

I don’t know a lot about Oliver but I dig the draft. What round are you suggesting we get Penny in?

I've seen lists that have him as a third round prospect. Like I said, it sounds like he could slip. But I don't think Licht screws around this time and he goes and gets him. So I think we'll probably move to the end of the second.

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