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3rd Round 98th Overall Pick: TE Jordan Akins

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Akins has decent size, but flashes with his speed and ability to challenge man coverage down the field. Akins saw 43.7 percent of his catches go for 20-plus yards this season, but he also has the necessary talent with the ball in his hands to take a short throw and turn it into a first down. Akins is a move tight end with the ability to separate and create throwing windows, but he won't offer much as a blocker. Akins has the talent to hear his name called on Day 3, but being a 26-year old rookie could hurt him somewhat.

Would have settled for Ian Thomas but I'll take any TE at this point.  He should become a starter for us right away.

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Texans coached him at the senior bowl and selected him late in the 3rd. He has a high upside in my opinion. Good hands and athleticism. Thought he is the same type of guy we already have with Stephen Anderson. I think we all expected to bring in a traditional Y tight end that BoB has used primarily in the past, but perhaps building the offense around Watson has changed what we are going to ask of the tight end position (perhaps less in line blocking). Should be a good pick, and I feel more comfortable knowing the coaching staff has already coached him. Grade: B 

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