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If I were the GM, this is who I would have taken:

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17 minutes ago, 3rivers said:

I went that far because from what I have seen with dupree at OLB, to me the reason he must be starting is because they are trying to prove they didn't jarvis again.  I just don't see any reason why dupree should start other than this athleticism they talk about.   We don't have higher draft picks to push dupree , which is what I wanted them to do in the draft.  I was a disappointed in colbert's draft as anyone from our needs point of view. If these players do well here (eventually) thats good, but as it is pass rush isn't improved. 

I think if Adeniyi gets a chance, he will continue to get snaps. I just hope it isn't too late (for the season) before he does.  He's our only hope unless they (finally) decide on a continuous 4 man front with Heyward at LDE Watt RDE and then the 2LB 5DB or other DB arrangements.  I just hope dupree doesn't get enough garbage stats vs scrubs to keep playing. 

While they might not want to admit another bust at OLB, who should be starting over Dupree?

I dont like Dupree, but lets look at things objectively....

2015 = Rookie   

2016 = 2nd year player, injured chunk of the year.  Looked decent when he came back after injury (but sucked in playoffs)

2017 = Many thought he might break out after getting fully healthy and having another offseason to progress.

So, while I do think we desperately needed another pass rusher to push Dupree, its not like we had anyone last year that wouldve been better than him as starter....and since they ignored pass rusher, there is no one to push him this year either.

And if their egos are that big that they cant admit being wrong about a player, they have no business running a team.  



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1 minute ago, FourThreeMafia said:

who should be starting over Dupree

I can't say so and so should be starting instead, but if so and so gets the chance, there won't be a drop off and there could be an improvement. The problem is, if and when that will happen. From what I have seen. dupree is worth every bit of the grade that is 3rd worst at his position  in the league. As a result, I thought there FO would have done something during UFA or higher draft rounds.  But colbert thinks dupree  is, well see post above :S

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1. This is tough as it would be between Harold Landry, Edge, BC and Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa...

2. Between Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn and DJ Chark, WR, LSU...

3a. Between Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State and Malik Jefferson, ILB, Texas... Rudolph was a luxury pick with high value at this point.

3b. Between Keke Coutee, WR, Texas Tech and Josey Jewell, ILB, Iowa

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