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4 Fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

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Hello Lions Fans,

I am going forum to forum to ask 3 questions and also looking for any information/insight you have to offer about your beloved team and will have each thread linked in the fantasy football forum as a way for everyone to help everyone(ET already cleared me doing this)

1. Kerryon Johnson is one of my favorite rookies(War Eagle Baby!) but will he receive a lion's share of the targets?  Will he be close to RB 2 status in fantasy?

2. Golden Tate and Marvin Jones are a strong 1-2 combo and pretty underrated throughout the fantasy football community but they kind of take away from each other. Tate gets alot of catches but no TDs and Jones is the opposite. What kind of year do you expect from them?

3. Matthew Stafford is about as safe as a they come and even has come down on his INT #s too but will he reach 32 TDs this year? A number he hasn't hit since 2015?

4. Who are the over/underrated fantasy players you would like to call out and what do you expect of them statistically?

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1. He probably gets the most carries between the 20s but I think Blount gets the most red zone touches and Riddick gets the most through the air. I wouldn't target any Lions RB honestly unless it's a very deep league.

2. Sounds like you know what to expect. Tate is the chain mover who can break a big play here and there. Jones in the big down the field threat. They're both probably good for about 1k yards if healthy. I wouldn't consider either of them top red zone targets with Galloday and Roberts taking bigger roles in the offense. For what it's worth pretty much every reporter I've heard has said Jones has been the best player in training camp.

3. My magic 8 ball says yes? Hopefully with Blount and a new Oline coach we'll be more able to get a few more TDs from the run game this year. If things go as planned on that front (big if) the Lions shouldn't be depending solely on Stafford to generate TDs.

4. Galloday is about the only one I'd think about in a deep league that you didn't mention. Huge upside as both a big play guy and a red zone threat, but the Lions have a lot of weapons on offense and only the one ball to go around.I'd guess several games of 200 yards and 2 TDs sprinkled in with 3 catch for 36 yards games. A week or two into the season it might be worth it to pick up either Michael Roberts or Like Wilson at TE if the Lions show that they are favoring one over the other significantly. Not a lot of great TE options right now so they might have value.

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1. No way to tell until the season begins, really. Even preseason might not answer the question definitively. I expect him to get plenty of carries because Blount obviously isn't a #1 type back, but Patricia might be similar to Belichick and use a bunch of guys, he might use Riddick a lot because of his pass catching skills, he might even decide to keep Abdullah and use him (though it's unlikely). Then there's the Lions OL which has been putrid in run blocking for several years, we expect them to be better but I'll believe that when I see it. Certainly, no Lions back has been worth a crap in FF (running-wise) for a long time, so I wouldn't risk any kind of an early pick on Johnson.

2. I expect them to be the same in terms of what they're good at, but I think Jones is still on the rise in his career and will hit his peak this year or possibly next. I would not be surprised with something like a 75-1,300-10 stat line. I think he is worth a look in the pick 45-50 range, higher than most have him.

3. Again, it comes down to the OL. He has the same OC, same scheme, but got sacked a bunch last year and had no run game. If the OL is improved, 32 should be an easy number for him to reach especially because he will have a third reliable WR, Kenny Golladay, now going into his second season and with the size and skills to be a serious RZ threat.

4. I agree Golladay is the only real sleeper until we see something out of that OL to make us think they can run the ball. I wouldn't draft a Lions TE at all, Michael Roberts could produce some TD's but he could just as easily be nothing.

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