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Jaguars sign OT Ereck Flowers to 1 year deal.

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3 hours ago, VLoo said:

Name me a 3rd string tackle who isn't a liability. It is what it is at this point.

The problem isn't the talent. Most will agree that third-string tackles aren't top of the line talent especially in the case of a young guy like Walker and Richardson.

However, Flowers is a veteran who thought Calais was a speed guy.

THAT is a level of ignorance and carelessness about your job that is simply inexcusable.

A young guy, albeit inexperienced, can develop and benefit and perhaps even become a solid player. 

A veteran who doesn't care enough about his job to identify a scouting trait any average fan can provide on Calais? I doubt I can trust that guy.

It's not like the Giants Oline has been a strength either.

This is a guy his team DUMPED and viewed as an addition by subtraction. 

Those rarely end well.

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3 hours ago, 3rivers said:

I have read about the injuries you have had at OT. Is it so bad that Flowers is actually starting? Where is he lasted to p[lay LT or RT ? I went to the website, he isn't on the depth chart. I can't believe he was signed by another team ,  but some players to turn their careers around. 

My guess is left but I'm not sure he starts this week.

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