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With the 32nd Pick of the NFL Draft the NE Patriots select...

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17 hours ago, m haynes said:

I like where your going however I would drop Greedy and replace him with Joejuan Williams DB Vanderbilt.  Greedy soft on the run. Don't see him fitting BB profile. I'm also not impressed with his game.

good call haynes. Loving our draft through 2 days. Hope we can add some quality depth with our 4th rounders today as well.

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Really want a TE, but they're all kind of booty now. Kaden Smith is who I predicted, so we still could.

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I not sure if the Pats will take one in this draft. If they do here my list of TEs.  If I had to pick one, it would be Nauta. I know all about his negatives however my reasons has to do with his play and the team and conference he played. Every time I watched  Georgia, he makes plays. He's had good games against the power teams in his conference and has played in big game where the lights shine the brightest. I not saying he a world beater but I see him as the best on the board. 

Anyone have anything on the others ?

I really haven see much from the list below.

PS I like Georgia players.


Foster Moreau

Caleb Wilson

Isaac Nauta

Tommy Sweeney ----- I have seen him play I would use a 7th on him.

Dax Raymond

Kaden Smith


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