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Offensive line

Pastor Dillon

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We have definitely invested in the line the last 3 years. 

Weve signed numerous guys like: Fulton, Kelemete, Henderson, Khalil 

weve drafted a lot of guys recently: Martin, Davenport, Rankins, Howard, Scharping 


so who who will be the starting 5, and how much time do we give these young guys to develop?

what are your predictions on week 1 starters?

im going to say that week 1 we start






Mancz/Kelemete/Howard will be our rotation guys. 

Thoughts on our future here?

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What if Howard ends up at guard? Would that even be a bad thing? Drafting a guard at 23rd overall is decent value if the player turns out to be solid. 

I have also reread some of Rankin's scouting reports from last years draft season and a lot of people said he might move to C in the NFL. Thats an interesting option. 

I will be shocked if Davenport isn't starting week 1. Maybe he still have some left tackle in him. Maybe our line is going to come together like thi:


I read somewhere that BOB said we were going to have open competition and put the 5 best linemen out there and seemingly not have pre conceived notions about positions. 

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If Howard starts or ends up at guard it's a wasted pick and people will say we were dumb for not trading up to get Dillard.  Texans better hope Howard is legit at OT.


I think the week 1 lineup will be

Davenport/Kelemete/Martin/Fulton/Henderson but by seasons end it will be



At least I hope.

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