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Draft Picks signings 10/10 all signed

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all 10 are now signed.

I’ve not broached the ‘Okereke’ topic on this site because of lack of evidence/knowledge. 

During Okereke’s freshman year at Stanford a young lady accused Okereke of sexually assaulting her. Okereke claimed it was consensual sex. 

Stanford University and/or the NCAA put together a board to investigate the matter. According to the rule of the board 4/5 people needed to find the defendant guilty in order for him to be punished. Only 3 of the 5 concluded he raped her. Since then the rule has changed. There are only 3 board members and it must be a unanimous decision. 

Ballard said that Okereke was up front with the Colts about the investigation from the first time they talked and the team investigated it on there own. Except they didn’t speak with the accuser or her lawyer. Which means they read through all of the pages of the board’s investigation. 


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