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Jaguars release QB Cody Kessler

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Writing was on the wall after they drafted Minshew basically.  But that was the part that didn't make a lot of sense to me.  He's basically a younger, developing version of Kessler.  Who we still had around on a cheap contract.


I mean, Kessler demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt really, that he's not a guy you can win with.  He's one of those, "could do worse for a backup"...but if you ever have to actually play them...you wish you'd spent just a little bit more on a backup who can play.  But i'd thought that was fairly evident when they went out and traded for him in the first place.  That's why he was available for peanuts.


I guess they're hoping Minshew is enough of an upgrade somewhere, somehow to give us more insurance at the spot.  But really, if Foles doesn't play well/stay healthy/etc. this season's probably another writeoff anyway.

Presumably Tanner Lee will be back on the PS, which Kessler isn't eligible for anymore, right?

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Congrats on drafting and signing Garnder Minshew.  I have to admit I'm a long-time Vikings fan, 45+ years, but as I've grown up, I've always found a few college players I love to watch go into the NFL and prove their worth.  Most of the time, I'm just cheering to see a SoDak State Jackrabbit make a team.  However, in the early '90s I got stationed at Fairchild AFB, WA, so the WAZZU Cougs became a favorite, and now my wife is a crimson and gray bleeding, screaming fan.  She's also one heck of a pessimist when it comes to Cougin it, and understanding the game is not a strength of hers.  So, last year as we watched the Cougs weekly, I watched Minshew.

I'm probably not the best at predicting things, but he's not Tim Tebow with a noodle arm.  Minshew had good receivers and a spread formation and he bought time, looked defenders off, made tight throws.  Nope, I didn't see a rocket-fired blistering fastball . . . I saw timing and touch mostly, but every once in a while he'd letter rip.  Across the country, people may say the Pac 12 was weak . . . the guy did amazing things as a leader and as a guy that put his team in position to score points.  If he's ever given the chance, I hope the Stache' slings it.

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