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2018 NFL Draft Thread

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5 minutes ago, Millenhater said:

Yeah probably about a B-.  Johnson was at the bottom of my list of acceptable RB that the Lions had to take in the draft. Walker is a plan for the future pick so we are not left with our pants down would provides depth now at the FS spot and probably has some packages set up for him now so not bad. The hand pick still sucks in my opinion. If I'm trading a third next year I would have preferred it would be to trade up to grab a dline player in next years insanley stacked class. 

In the end I love when a GM at least has a plan and is either going to make a strength stronger or just finish off a side of the ball. In this draft they did that for the offense. And I love that train of thought. Again if we drafted Guice we wouldn't have to trade our third and we would have gotten the superior player at RB in my opinion. If we did that I might even give this draft an A

The thing is we all look things in a 2D way. We look at the player, stats, holes on the team, etc. They have to account for having this guy in the building and fitting in with the locker room. The team clearly explained that he wasn't a culture fit.

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My biggest concern about the draft is that Kerryon Johnson will turn out to be Luke Kennard and Darius Guice will turn out to be Devon Mitchell.  

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