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Texans LB New Tradition?

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So, two weeks ago vs the Colts... the theme was Ronin Warriors/Mortal Kombat:


Yesterday, it was SWAT:


So, what's next for our LB crew... ?


Time Heist Avengers?



Team HALO?



Jedi Knights?






Or... the dreaded Varsity squad?



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Jamie Martin as Jon Snow, the bastard who is actually the true king of the (Front) Seven Kingdoms?

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We might have a new leader in the clubhouse...


Average Freaking Joe's? With Dylan Cole as Patches O'Houlihan!?

Love at first sight. That's what this is. This is better than any suggestion we made. 

These dudes get it. xD

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So am I the only one thinking Mercilus screwed up royally in not taking his extension while he had the chance.  Dude has been invisible since Watt went down and took the double teams with him.  I like Merc as a complimentary player, but it's pretty clear at this point that he is a middle tier guy that is pretty easily handled when the focus isn't elsewhere.  Dude is going to be 30 next year, so I really don't think he's worth more than mid-range LB salary altho I'd hate to see him in a KC or NE uniform.  Martin is clearly the superior pass rushing LB on this squad, but he's too small to hold up to full time duty.  Scarlett is a JAG and will always be.  Cunningham should be locked up this offseason as he's athletic as hell and above average in coverage, but he's still too small and I'm so sick of watching him get trucked for an extra 3 yards on every carry. McKinney has been the most overrated Texan for years (dude is a solid leader and a fundamentally sound run stopper), but he's just not a playmaker and remains an abomination in coverage which is why the Cole injury is a much bigger deal than anyone made of it - which showed this week.  These douchebags rock and rolling after a sack down by 28 may have been one of the most idiotic things I've seen on the NRG field since Kareem was too busy celebrating a hit to get back into coverage the next play costing us a victory vs. the Colts.

In short, LB has become the #1 WEAK LINK on this team (aside from the entrenched HC and Tunsil's maddening false start habit) and needs to be the focus of our offseason defensive rebuild.  I will be interested to see what Duke can do coming back from his achilles as he at least had the size to play the position before he got hurt.  Kalambayi is a disappointing waste of space who just isn't athletic enough to be anything more than a special teamer.  IMO - pass rushing LB and DE needs to be the focus of BOTH free agency and the draft. 

The outfits were fun for a while on a team a bit devoid of character/personality, but after what might have been the worst LB unit performance in the NFL this season, if they aren't wearing their Sunday finest business suits next week to shut down Derrick Henry and Jonnu Smith, the average joe's are going to epitomize it on an 8-8 team.  

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