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2020 Packer coaching changes, should there be any ?

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22 hours ago, chillparsi1 said:

This is the one I don't agree with. Route running and, to a lesser extent hands, both feel like things that can be improved with good coaching. MVS's failure to grow this year, then, does fall on the shoulders of the guy coaching him. Especially considering the raw traits he (and also ESB, but okay he was hurt) has, you'd hope a good coach can turn that into something. So that's the one I do not consider a push. 

I get what you are saying but this same coach is getting a lot out of an UDFA in Lazard so perhaps MVS isn't as good as we all believe/hope?

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Our 5th round comp pick entering his 2nd season and learning a new system wasn't ready to start?  Am I supposed to be surprised by that?

The group of UDFA WR's underachieved?  Relative to what? 

I am pretty sure the term, "garbage in, garbage out" applies to this group of WR's not named Adams.

Lazard eventually stepped up, and expecting more than one player from this group to pan out was never realistic.  Would it have been nice?  Sure. It was never likely.

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