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Jaguars to play two home games in London over consecutive Sundays in 2020

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On 04/02/2020 at 2:39 PM, Matts4313 said:

Im sure they are paying 25% less for the season. But the part I question is if they have a PSL. Thats where it gets dicey. 

I'm not a Season Ticket Holder, and live nowhere near Jacksonville...but most of what i've seen has suggested it's going to end up being something more like a 15% discount, and the bulk of that is in that they've just heavily discounted the "value" of preseason game tickets.  So basically...charge less for tickets to games nobody wants or cares about, and keep everything else the same even though games are moved to London.

So an exercise in how to shoot a bullseye into one's own foot probably, for a team already struggling to sell season tickets for a good price and all that.


On 04/02/2020 at 6:01 PM, N4L said:

I feel bad for the team that plays them in the second week. Jags will be adjusted to the time zone but the other team wont be. huge advantage and why a team in London would be the ultimate home field advantage for them. 

That makes sense...until you factor in that the schedule has tended to give teams a bye week directly before or after going "on the road" to London.  Which realistically also translates to...guaranteed the Jaguars face two opponents coming in rested off a bye-week or with that bye-week rest in sight.  With two of their supposed advantage, "home games".

And conversely...it's going to be a lot harder for the Jaguars team to transition back to North American timezones after setting up shop in London for a few weeks (which will almost surely include their bye week).

Honestly, i'm not sure how much worse it is...compared to a team like the Jaguars going to the West Coast where they've always seemed horrible anyway.  Or even just...adjusting to a goofy "primetime week" time adjustment for routines.  Which the Jaguars have no experience with, other than their annual Thursday night waste of time against the Titans.

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Jags have managed to pick up a few fans in the UK, plus their jerseys and merchandise is really easy to come by - it does help a lot! 

I think the NFL market is really opening up in the UK at the moment, it's started attracting more fans each year and the shows are becoming more dominant. Sky Sports Action is pretty much Sky Sports NFL - a quick look now and I can watch the Eagles 2017 Super Bowl win and straight after 49ers 1994 Super Bowl win. The coverage has become more and more relentless - even BT Sport has picked up on the surge and started showing the college games. 

All that being said - if this was English football I would absolutely hate it. The Premier League playing games abroad, and that's 38 games, is strongly contested by not just fans at clubs, but fans in general. I can see a strategy of whereby London gets 8 games - where one team plays a home game every four years over here. The away teams can be strategically picked for those weekends, so you get a team playing maximum 3 times in a four year period. The UK has a broad range of fans and that works IMO.

I think the Jags playing twice in one sitting actually doesn't help their cause as people will get bored of seeing them - you have to hope that the teams they play have a big UK following. 

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On 2/4/2020 at 9:36 AM, TitanLegend said:

So do Jags season ticket holders still have to pay for 8 home games or how does that work?

No I don't think so. For the Rams you only pay for the games in Los Angeles, so I'd assume the Jags do the same. 

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