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Double Trade Down Mock


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Trade(s) 2.43 to Baltimore for 2.55, 3.92
2.50, 6.200 to Seattle for 2.59, 4.133, 4.144
I would be shocked if Pace doesn't trade down atleast once, and I think it is very possible he trades down from both 2s. I think the following guys could be off the board by the time 43 comes around: Reagor, Aiyuk at WR; Delpit at S; Diggs, Terrell, Johnson at CB; and Jones, Jackson and Wilson at OT.
Pick No Player Write Up
55 Damon Arnette, CB, Ohio State Gambling a little bit on Arnette being available here, but if he is I think this is a home run pick. Extremely feisty man corner who plays with emotion. In a likely shortened offseason I trust him to contribute right away based on Ohio State's track record at DB and his playing style. Just let him man up and win. Biggest knock is that he was surrounded by talent - but that just tells me he will know how to fit in to the culture. Anyone selected defensively will be given every opportunity to succeed so Pace needs to swing for upside.
59 KJ Hamler, WR, Penn State I think a lot of people have downgraded Hamler due to size and his history of drops, but he has gamebreaking speed and the Bears desperately need explosive plays. A lot has been made of the Bears needing a WR but don't forget about ARob and A Milli - this guy will have some time to learn on the fly as well. He brings a different element and culturally he can slide right under ARob's wing as a Orchard Lake St. Mary's and Penn State alumnus. I do also like Chase Claypool here as a freak-of-nature weapon.
92 Damien Lewis, G, LSU My preference on OL is someone who can be immediate competition at RG and 2021 competition at one or both tackle spots. You are not getting that with Damien Lewis but you are getting a nasty run blocker who can plug and play at RG right away. I am somewhat comfortable enough with letting Ifedi, Spriggs and a pick battling it out at swing / developmental OT. I do not need a guy that can play C - Whitehair and Daniels need to settle in center left.
133 Anfernee Jennings, EDGE, Alabama Quinn was a fantastic signing and I think he and Mack both have double digit sacks (assuming 16 game season). This is one of those "can't have enough" positions and EDGE depth is somewhat precarious. Mingo is going to be ST only and the Bears have not done a good job developing talent here. Jennings is not going to give you sack production but is an ideal rotational piece and should be counted on to spell Quinn in rushing situations right away. Always love adding Alabama guys on defense.
144 Colby Parkinson, TE, Stanford I LOVE Harrison Bryant out of FAU but I don't think he will be available here. Parkinson will not offer anything in the run game but has great long-term potential as a move/U with some of the best pass-catching and playmaking traits in the class. He comes from a program with a long history of producing productive NFL TE's and I see his game as very similar to Jimmy Graham and he fits the profile of what Nagy looks for in a TE in his offense.
163 Julian Blackmon, S, Utah Pace has an awesome track record with DBs at this stage of the draft. That is great because compared to corner it is a less important position in the NFL. Unless you are getting a game breaker / chess piece early it makes sense to wait until late to grab one of the multiple guys that check the box at safety. Utah has put a lot guys in the league in the secondary and I love Blackmon's man cover skills as a former CB (I'll take man skills over run support in today's NFL). Late injury will push him down the board.
196 Jon Runyan Jr., OL, Michigan The Bears (and the rest of the NFL) will be banking on connections this year and this one just makes too much sense with Castillo's time at Michigan on top of all the years he spent working with Runyan Sr. I see this pick as depth at LG and a potential "glue guy" who gets the system and makes his buck with his smarts and recognition. I don't think he would warrant long-term consideration as a Massie/Leno replacement - Ifedi or Spriggs will need to give the Bears options there. I could see pairing early OT with a "QB of the future" pick whenever that happens in 2021 or 2022.
226 Mohamed Barry, ILB, Nebraska The Bears need depth again behind Roquan and DT as I don't think the Bears can count on a full season from both of them. Barry is going to get overlooked because he profiles almost exclusively as a 3-4 ILB but he is a high-energy thumper who can play sideline to sideline, diagnose runs and shoot gaps. Will add value on ST right away and Iggy/Woods/Barry should yield a starter by the time DT is ready to retire. I also expect Pace to add a vet here.
233 Steven Montez, QB, Colorado I do not expect Montez to be a long term starting option, but he has some arm talent you can work with and he is built prototypically for today's NFL. This guy has been screaming "NFL QB" since he got to Colorado but never took the next step forward. You take a gamble on that joke of a program being mostly at fault and give Nagy something to work with long term. I am in favor of drafting a QB with no intention of competing for starts in 2020 but that is hard to balance with being in complete win-now mode as a franchise.
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I liked every player until Barry (I just don't know anything of him). Montez would be worth the late flier too. Lewis being a OG only hurts him to me but if he can do that well then hell with it, one hole shored up. Arnette there would be awesome but I think he goes before us. Would be freaking pumped to see him lining up across from Fuller though. 

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