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With the 9th pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select CB C.J. Henderson


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I get that we don't really have a secondary right now.  They were afraid that if they didn't grab Henderson there, they might've come away without any real "starting caliber CBs".  Henderson does have the athletic traits and some good tape to hope he'll pay off.


Just ugh...i want off this treadmill.  Drafting/signing players, finally having some good ones, losing them...spending premium picks to replace them with lesser prospect, and still losing them faster than they can patch.

Even harder when this draft seemed to have such a wealth of high-end prospects at other positions (offensively in particular) where we've badly needed to improve for ages.  In the most important aspect of the game.

For my money, it's just hard to really get the same "value" out of the CB position they put in.  Unless you end up with that Jalen or Patrick Peterson caliber elite, Top-5 perennial ProBowler, All Pro consideration type superstar...beyond that there's a drop-off to a lot of interchangeable scheme fit guys who are very good in their particular roles, and very easily super bowl caliber in the right scenarios.  A lot of them come out of later rounds/less premium picks...or are shuffled around the league every year.  Despite the reality that it's a "passing league" and stopping the pass is obviously of paramount importance...it just seems like building a monster defensive front is the better, more reliable investment strategy for defending that because it helps all of the coverage guys.  Or simply building an offense to try to beat 'em that way.


Oh well.  Hopefully Henderson does become a stud.  It's pretty reasonable to suggest that the general league consensus is that this is a fine enough pick at that spot.  It's just a deflating pick that i'm not particularly fond of.

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3 hours ago, .Buzz said:

Chase literally killed every CB he went against besides CJ that I know of.

People overthinking him.

Are we not counting the extra yards given up to Chase with missed tackling in support?  Or uh, probably more importantly...the other ~50 yard TD he completely torched Henderson on with a rub release?  Because...teams aren't going to be allowed to use clever releases against him as a Pro?


There was plenty of that in Chase killing everyone else too.  He destroyed everyone.  But everyone else also didn't necessarily get drafted 9th overall.

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