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Deshaun Watson Signs $160M/4yr Extension


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Looking at the breakdown of this deal, it’s really team friendly. 

the cap hit is 

2020: 9.8

2021: 16

2022: 40

2023: 42

2024: 37

2025: 32

In 2023 he can be cut for a 32 million dollar savings. He would have to suffer an Alex Smith type injury or just majorally regress but aren’t locked in beyond that if worst comes to worst. 

also important to note is that the cash salary in the last 2 years is 32 million. A lot of guys make so much up front that they don’t want to play the last couple years of the deal but that’s a substantial amount and if we need to, we can guarantee it later on and make him happy. 

cap is gonna be hit hard in years 3 and 4 but we can manage that. 

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