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Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks

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Gameday and no thread.  My fault.  Hopefully the offense continues to click on all cylinders and Wilson continues to be insane.  People have been highlighting Adams' issues in coverage, so this week will be good to watch vs a quality QB and good receivers.

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I live in Texas, so I get all the Cowboys and Texans games.  Had some friends over for this one.  Another barn burner victory for Seattle.  I was so heated when Metcalf got that TD knocked out of his hands.  He needs to get chewed out about that.  Plays like that could have cost Seattle the game in such a close one.

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5 hours ago, animaltested said:

Against the Patriots it came down to LJ Collier and Lano Hill

This week it came down to Alton Robinson, Queem Griffin and Ryan Neal.

Just how everyone imagined this defense right?

Haha yes! Next man up!

Flowers was getting roasted yesterday.  Should have had an interception that hit him right in the chest, though.

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Next time the Seahawks host the Cowboys, they need to wear their white jerseys.

Seattle is the only NFL team that has never worn white at home. And many teams do so against the Cowboys because those team's blue jerseys that they are forced to wear in these games are said to be jinxed.

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