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What to do at RB?


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So, going into this season - we were told that we were getting 2016 David Johnson. That turned out to be... horribly incorrect... and that's being generous.

This being said, DJ Whack got whacked pretty hard yesterday by Myles Jack. I am thinking of sending Jack a fruit basket for that decleating shot... But that's not why we're here today. Given Johnson's propensity to getting hurt, I can see him missing some time - if not the rest of the season. (He looked dead out there, it was a serious concussion. The human in me was actually worried for DJ... who seems like a nice guy).

So, RB depth is reserved for Duke Johnson and Buddy Howell (Cullen Gillaspia counts too, I guess?) So, what is the next step? Do the Texans bring up RB CJ Proscice up from the PS, or is it time to see what Scottie Phillips has to offer? 

What about next year? We know cutting David is a foregone conclusion (or at least it SHOULD be, any GM that doesn't cut him will immediately be on my ish list) but what about Duke? Does Proscice/Phillips get into the rotation? Who are some of the FA/draft guys you're eyeing to take carries?

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We definitely cut David Johnson this off season. That seems like a foregone conclusion. They move will save us 7 million in cap space that we desperately need. We could cut Duke Johnson and save another 5 million. That 12 million is what it will take to bring Will Fuller back. I am all in on our trio of WRs and keeping that group together. 

Since we don't have any money to spend next off season, we have to fix the RB position as cheaply as possible. 

I think the problem in the running game is both the line and scheme more so than David Johnson. The line is just not opening up anything in the run game. 

I think the smart option is to cut bait with both johnsons, draft a RB in the 3rd round and sign a guy like Hyde, Miller or whatever to be the "day 1 starter" even though we know that our rookie is going to "earn" it. 

As much as we need to go DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE.....in the draft, RB is a position that you need early in the draft 

If you look at the top 14 rushers, you see where they were drafted

Cook - 2nd round
Henry - 2nd round
Jacobs - 1st
Edwards - 1st
Gurley - 1st
Robinson - Undrafted
Elliot - 1st
Jones - 2nd
Hunt - 3rd
Conner  - 3rd
Drake - 3rd
Montgomery - 3rd 
Kamara - 3rd
Henderson - 3rd

Sure we can hold out hope that we get the Robinson or the Aaron Jones of the world, but bottom line is that outside the top 3 rounds, RBs really don't do much. The good news is that round 3 is fertile ground for a running back. 


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