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1 hour ago, Skinscavalier said:

So let's see what has been the WFT's problems the last say 20 years. A troublesome incompetent owner, a constant influxes of revolving door HCs and schemes, unforgiving trades, worthless free agents and inadequate drafts. Anyone else can think why we have been constant losers except for the occasional playoff spot then immediately losing the first playoff game?Why we haven't even gotten a glimpse of the NFC championship games and don't even imagine a super bowl? Why our team and it's fans have lived in football hell since 1992? When was the last time we were 11-5 or better? Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to disband the team and get an expansion team. This team will never and in paraphrasing the owner, "Never, I said never!" be a Superbowl contending team till the owner sells the team. With all the harassment charges facing this team, how come he hasn't been forced to sell the team like the previous owner of the Panthers? The NFL needs to force him to sell! Would you want your mother, wife, sister or daughter working for this team? If not, then why support the owner. Spend no more money on this team. Force him to sell NFL! He's give you a really bad reputation. I guess greed is good!


Dan wasnt one doing it. Like I touched on. He grew neglectful, put the franchise on the back burner and let the inmates run the asylum. Things get out of hand. So he storms in. Cleans house. Makes sure he hires a President for the business side. The side he cares about. Random recycled coach and his cronies. Doesnt even name a GM or anyone to handle team side operations and day to day. But he made sure to get one for the business side. Because thats all hes looking at this team as anymore. Its not a game, not a sport and not a competition. Its a business to make money. And nothing more.

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