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Bye Week


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On 11/23/2020 at 2:37 PM, soflbillsfan said:

Disappointed to see titans get the win but the colts still manage to pull one out of GB. Was hoping they both lost while the bills sit steady at #3 seed. Was also hoping for Raiders to pull one out but that was a crazy ending.

As for dolphins it shows Flores is a bit over his head with the managing of an entire team. He has definitely brought a solid defense to the table but he made an unthinkable move to bench Fitzpatrick after coming off back to back games for Tua to say they want the future to start now and then when things get tough you bench him to put Fitz back in. Not sure how you think you are going to have a qb grow if they arent put in to the scenarios such as that one. I am not impressed with Tua at all and I think the Dolphins made the wrong move by drafting him over Herbert. Tua reminds me of a younger version of Tyrod Taylor he will be a good short range passer and able to run but he just cant get it done when they are down. At best he would be a clock managing qb, I know it is early but Herbert and Burrow have had a really solid rookie season so far.

I am a bit concerned for the Chargers as they can be a sneaky team this week as their offense is ranked 3rd in total offense so far this year. I also came away with Broncos not being that impressive either, while the defense made a few plays fitz coming in with 10 min remaining in the game he was able to rip up some yardage on them fairly quick. I think the remaining schedule of toughness will be 1. Steelers 2. Chargers (because of their offense) 3. Pats 4. Dolphins 5. San fran (without Jimmy G and Kittle) 6. Broncos I am hoping for a 4-2 record but could see it 5-1 or 3-3 putting the bills around 10-6 to 12-4 hopefully that will be enough for 3rd spot as Titans have to play colts, GB, and Browns (all winning records) as well as 2 more divisional games with texans and Jags. Colts have titans, steelers, and Raiders left with 2 games vs texans and jags. 

I dont agree with all of this, but I do agree with a majority of it. One thing I agree whole heartedly with is- benching Fitz for Tua then benching Tua for Fitz was a mistake.


The Dolphins offense was unlikely to continue their crazy start to the season. Fitz was playing like a franchise QB, and we all knew that wouldn't continue.


He started show signs of slowing down, so they wanted to give Tua a chance. Sure, I get it, but I don't like benching Tua in a close game. He wasnt having a good game by any means, but they were still in it, and I personally think it's beneficial to let your young QB work through a tough game and learn how to close it out at the end. Those moments don't come every week, so it's vital to give him a chance. The kid doesn't need a pacifier- he needs to learn how to play through these tough games.


One thing Ive always admired about this coaching staff is the let Josh work through his struggles at his own pace. They never pressured him to perform at a certain standard. They let him grow, make mistakes, have tough games, and at times he'd close out an off game with a 4th quarter come back. I think we're seeing the benefits of that today, though I will admit a QB needs that it factor that allows him to close out games.


Also, I watched a documentary on John Elway. He said, and Im paraphrasing, that going through his ups and downs during his rookie season helped him grow immensely. That's something that stuck with me.

Now, it's only one game. Im not going to jump the gun, and say Tua is being mismanaged and will bust! It's something to keep an eye on, but it could mitigate Tua's growth. Or maybe he comes out with a fire under his *** and lights up the Jets. Who knows?


But yeah, any team would take Herbert or Burrows over Tua, atm. Theyre still young QBs, tho, and development isn't linear.

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