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DP8017's Senior Bowl Week Mock

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Free Agency

Resign Rashard Higgins


Sign Lavonte David


cut Sheldon Richardson


Restructure OBJ Contract


Extend Nick Chubb


Sign Safety Jaquiski Tartt


Sign Shelby Harris


Sign K'Waun Williams



1.) Nick Bolton-LB- Mizzou



2. Carlos Basham Jr.- DE- Wake Forest



*Trade- 3rd, 5th  2022 pick to move back into 2nd*

Chazz Surratt-LB- North Carolina



3. Ifeatu Melifonwu-CB- Syracuse




4. Richie Grant- S- UCF


4. Marvin Wilson- DT- Florida State


6. Trill Williams-CB-Syracuse




7. Tamorrion Terry- WR- Florida State



Depth Chart


QB- Baker Mayfield

RB- Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt

FB- Andy Janovich

LT- Jedrick Wills

LG- Joel Bitonio

C- JC "El Prez" Tretter

RG- Wyatt Teller

RT- Jack Conklin

TE- Austin Hooper, David Njoku


WR- Jarvis Landry

WR- Hollywood Higgins


DE- Myles Garret

DT- Shelby Harris

DT- Marvin Wilson/Jordan Elliot

DE-Carlos Basham

WLB- Lavonte David/Jacob Phillips

MLB- Nick Bolton

SLB- Chazz Surratt

CB-Denzel Ward

CB-Greedy Williams/Ifeatu Melifonwu

Nickle- K'waun Williams/ Trill Williams

FS- Grant Delpit

SS- Ronnie Harrison

Big Nickle- Jaquiski Tartt/ Richie Grant


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2 minutes ago, nugpimpen said:

Nixe work and good effort. I will say I believe the odds of the FO that values the LB position as little as it does has a near 0% chance of drafting a non pass rushing LB in the 1st

I dont really see any there that I think are 4-3 LB to be honest, I guess Ojulari, but I dont know a ton about him

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Good job, overall.

Mostly love the draft.

But I would:

1. Keep Richardson...he has been our most consistent and consistently contributing DL guy outside of Garrett,

2. Not sign Williams and use the R3 pick of Melifonwu to get Larrimore from NO,

3. Trade Beckham for an R2 pick or better,

4. Get Allen Robinson (CHI), using the money we otherwise would pay to Beckham to extend him, 

5. Use the R2 pick we get for Beckham to pick up another CB or DL, or

6. Gonna be some good OL prospects in R2 and R3, so I might even target one of them with an early Day 2 pick.

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I am turning into a huge Bolton fan. One reason, he is likely to be there at 26 if the Browns choose to draft him or trade back a little bit. More so, the big reason, I think the dude does a phenomenal job at tracking/pursuing as a LB. It was the first thing that stood out to me when I first saw him play. He constantly stays on the ball carriers near hip. As he is pursuing, when he sees the alley to attack, the dude takes it. He comes down hard. IMO he might be 6' 225/230lbs but he hits bigger than that. He is pretty fast for a LB but playing that technically sound, he is going to play even faster. You worry that with his size that he could get swallowed up by lineman but he plays very sound and plays extremely fast that lineman might have an issue with blocking him.

I cant think of a LB that the browns have had that tracked or pursued like Bolton. Hell, the complete opposite of this spectrum IMO was Peppers. The dude was pretty awful at getting in a good position to make a tackle. He relied way to much on his athleticism to make a play. To me, Bolton does a great job of combining his athletic ability and his technique to make the play.   

I know its saying a lot but he could be a great LB to have to defend Lamar. He might not make the play to stop lamar but he should be in position that helps stop him. If he can track and stay on that hip and not allow Lamar to get a two way read, it can allow the help/outside defense a chance to make a play. Lamar is an amazing open field runner and just saying that is easier said than done but it will at least be a big upgrade than what we had the past 3 years in defending him

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14 hours ago, bruceb said:

3. Trade Beckham for an R2 pick or better,

4. Get Allen Robinson (CHI), using the money we otherwise would pay to Beckham to extend him, 

5. Use the R2 pick we get for Beckham to pick up another CB or DL, or

6. Gonna be some good OL prospects in R2 and R3, so I might even target one of them with an early Day 2 pick.

couple of things. A 2nd rd pick for OBJ might be tempting. Get a 2nd rd pick and we clear his $15m+ from the books because of a trade but what team is going to trade for OBJ when you have no idea how his knee is recovering? I think his knee will be find because of today's science and OBJs work ethic but I dont see a team paying $15m and a 2nd pick for a dude coming off an ACL injury before the draft. I like Robinson but do we need that big of a WR, talking status wise? I think with what Baker showed that he could be very good with a bunch of different kind of WRs. I would just like to see the overall WR depth improved. I think Jarvis is perfectly fine as out #1 WR   but I wouldnt mind taking that money we would save from OBJ and maybe put it into like a Marvin Jones or WIll Fuller, who would prolly cost half as much as Robinson and prolly put up some pretty good stats. I wouldnt even mind a guy like Curtis Samuel, who could be a Tyreke Hill type gadget player.

Browns dont need a 2nd or 3rd rd OL prospects. One their entire starting OL is returning but than they have a bunch of guys returning that could be in play for the depth spots 

  • Fabiano
  • Hance
  • Harris
  • Dunn
  • Forbes
  • Gossett
  • Pridgeon
  • Taylor

Thats just the guys from the roster/IR/PS/Future list that are worthy IMO. They do have a couple more guys but I dont think they have a shot. Browns Got a couple guys that looked good when they played last year in Hance and Dunn, a couple of prospects that are highly regarded by the team in Taylor and Pridgeon. Guys who have high hopes but opted out last year in Forbes. A guy they drafted last year in Harris. Drafting a 2nd or 3rd rd back up lineman is way to much of a luxury, especially when the needs on defense are too far great. Maybe in the back end, grab a guy in the 5th or later but to spend a day2 pick on a lineman, seems pointless IMO.

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