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Do we stay at pick 37 or trade up?  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick everyone you would be good with at 37

  2. 2. Stay at 37 or trade 37/107 for pick 30

  3. 3. If we trade up to 30, who is the target

    • Hambone
    • Soupbone
    • Monkeybone
    • Coco
    • T-bone
    • Amanda Bynes
    • Boner
    • Fibia
    • Tibula
    • Rondale Moore
    • Redbone

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Prospects for pick 37






Amanda Bynes




Rondale Moore




This is voting for pick 37 and will be locked after the pick. Message me if you want the code list.

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I would not trade up. Hate the idea with all of this B+ talent sitting there. We missed out on the A's in the class, but there is a logjam at B+. All of these guys are in a big jumble. I'd rather trade down again than trade up in this situation. We'll see who gets taken here soon, but I'd be pretty happy with the majority of the guys left on the board.

Monkeybone and Amanda Bynes make the most sense to me. Depends on your flavor there. Upside vs. Safe.


I also love Fibia, as most people know. Tremendous athlete and fills a position where we WILL need someone. His arrow is pointing straight up. The same kind of straight up that I get when I think about the Miami defensive ends.

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