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What is your bold draft takes


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Can be anything from a player going earlier then projected til someone getting over drafted or under drafted.

He are some of mine-

If Mac Jones goes 3 to the 49ers he wins Rookie of the year this year-Not a Mac Jones fan but do think he a good Matt Ryan/Kirk type fit in Shanny Scheme and the cast around him will allow him to put up better numbers then Lawerance or Wilson.

Moerhig struggles a lot year one and might only be a SS in the NFL-This one hurts me as I think we could take him at 19 and think it will be a mistake,in deep coverage he always seems to be underneath the wr which looks good for a CB not a saftey in my book as I expect the bigger stronger WR to moss him in them spots and the faster wrs to leave him behind giving up big plays.

Devonta Smith Slides to the teens-I think lack of pro day combined with him only weighing 166 at med combine he falls a little further then expected.

Davis Mills becomes a good stater in his Career-I think he has all the tools you need to be a NFL QB just not enough tape on him combined with the ACL histoy to go in 1st

Tutu Atwell will be a good slot WR despite his size-I now he's small and Skinny but think his movement and the NFL new rules will make him very dangerous

For Washington I think we trade up in either the 1st or 2nd rounds-Depending on whos falling I see us either trading up in 1st for someone like Slater/Darrisaw/Parsons/or Smith or if we stay put and Draft a LBer a 19 I see up trading up in the 2nd for someone like Cosmi/Freirmuth/Grant/Samuels Jr

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Elijah Moore is the best WR in this class outside of the Big 3.

The only thing that stops Kyle Pitts from being a Top 5 TE all time is injury. 

Trey Lance is a bust.

Jaycee Horn is the best CB in the draft.

Samuel Cosmi is a Top 4 tackle in this draft for his career.

The Rookie Defensive Player of the Year is a player NOT drafted in the 1st round. 

One of Trask, Mond, or Mills falls to Day 3. 

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1. The best QB in this draft is Justin Fields & Washington trades up with the Lions to draft him.

2. Zach Wilson is another NYJ draft bust.

3. Trey Lance is a bust, he’s just NFL ready. He should’ve went back to school and played another year.

4. Kyle Pitts is the best player to come out of this draft and is a future Hall of Fame TE.

5. No defenders are taken in the top 9 picks.

6. The Cowboys take Patrick Surtain but Jaycee Horn proves to be the best CB in the draft & he also wins DROY.

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