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53 Man Roster Predictions

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I was reviewing our depth chart and realized that we likely have more than 53 NFL caliber talents on this roster. What I'm saying is, we'll inevitably have to make some tough cuts this offseason. I wanted to offer my perspective around who's in and who's out and see what everyone else's thoughts were: 



QB: RWilson / GSmith (2) 
RB: CCarson / RPenny / DDallas / THomer (4) 
FB: NBellore (1)
WR: DMetcalf / TLockett / DEskridge / FSwain / PHart (5)
TE: GEverett / WDissly / CParkinson (3)
LT: DBrown / SForsythe (2)
LG: DLewis / PHaynes (2)
C.: EPocic / KFuller (2)
RG: GJackson / JJones (2) 
RT: BShell / COgbuehi (2)

Rationale: No need to carry a third QB with how long Geno's been holding the clipboard. RBs are obvious. Waldron never used a FB in LA and would instead lineup his TEs in that position from time to time, but Bellore still makes the team due to Pete's preference and his special teams ability. Only 5 WRs because Everett serves as their #3/#4 receiver and they'll stash Tamorrion Terry, Cade Johnson, and possibly John Ursua (is he eligible?) on the Practice Squad. OLine is fairly obvious across the board. Biggest cut there is Jordan Simmons, who you could argue makes the team over Ogbuehi since Jamarco has RT experience. Last cut was between Simmons and Bellore for me. 


LEO: CDunlap / DTaylor / ASmith / BMayowa / ARobinson (5) 
DT: PFord / BMone / AWoods / RNkemdiche (4)
DE: KHyder / LCollier (2)
WLB: JBrooks / BBurr-Kirven (2)
MLB: BWagner / CBarton (2)
CB: AWitherspoon / DReed / TFlowers / UAmadi / TBrown (5)
FS: QDiggs / MBlair / DRandall (2)
SS: JAdams / RNeal (2)

Rationale: You'll notice there is a vacancy at SLB. I so strongly believe that KJ Wright will return to Seattle, that I'm pretty much leaving that spot open for him to fill out the final 53. Next thing you might notice is a really disproportionate amount of LEOs making the team. I think it just so happens that this is where a lot of our talent currently resides and there should be an emphasis on rotating fresh bodies in along the DLine at all times + half of these guys will receive snaps at LB. We suffered early in 2020 with a lack of pass rushing options, and this roster would serve to eliminate the concern of depth. Part of that comes from the flexibility we see among the entire DE group, as arguably all 7 of those players can lineup in a variety of positions. LB is currently fairly thin and I wouldn't be surprised to see us add another body to the competition here. I really like the all around depth in the secondary. No great CBs unfortunately, but between the 5 they should be able to carve out useful play most weeks. I believe they are grooming Tre Brown as DJ Reed's replacement next year, so I expect to see him play both slot and perimeter corner this year. Ugo is the only guy limited to one position (NCB). I'd still keep Richard Sherman on your radar if this group doesn't impress early in camp. Last cut was between Randall, Nkemdiche, and Pierre Desir. Randall offers corner/safety versatility and Nkemdiche has a sky-high ceiling at 3-tech and just a personal favorite of mine, so Desir gets the axe. 


K: JMyers
P: MDickson
LS: TOtt

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Do you think the Seahawks have enough talent at the receiving positions? Earlier last year (actually the past two years at least), Wilson looks like the best QB in the league through like the first half of the season. Then, after people adjust to what they're doing, it seems like they don't have enough weapons vs tougher defenses. Metcalf gets blanketed by bracket coverage and Lockett can be contained. Once those two are out of the picture, who else would they go to?

It sucks Penny isn't that guy, but maybe he can be.

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