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Top 3 Strengths & Weaknesses


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Good day, I wanted to compile a list of each playoffs team strengths & weaknesses. Come playoff time its not always about which team has the better overall talent but how strengths & weakness matchup. If you could list in order the strengths & weaknesses, then it'll make my job a lot easier.

Top Strengths (in order)





Top Weaknesses (in order)





Thank you!

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1) Pass rush 

2) D doesn't give up many yards 

3) TE, QB, RB, LT, slot WR are not needs 


1) O-line outside of LT is a mess

2) Redzone D is one of the worst in league history 

3) Lack of play makers on D and O

Position of need: 

RT, WR, OG, DT, S, CB 

In that order imo

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• Derek Carr's ability to make plays, especially in clutch situations

• Our defensive lines ability to consistently generate pressure with 4 

• Our special teams, particularly our kicker is basically automatic


• Offensive line is inconsistent in both run blocking and pass protection

• Our red zone offense 

• Inability to generate turnovers 

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