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TE Jelani Woods, Virginia


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He caught my eye in the East/West Shrine Game as well. I was also looking at UCLA's Greg Dulcich as a possible receiving complement to go with Pat. However, not at the expense of upgrading other priorities (OL, DL, CB, ILB, Back-up Edge, Safety and even potentially WR). 

I am still looking over many of the draft prospects in my spare time. I saw a few Cavaliers games and he seemed decent, but not necessarily spectacular at first glance. My initial glance has him as probably a day three prospect. He looks like a guy who could be sneaky good (under the radar).  There are a decent number of TE prospects this year. There are a few that are drawing some attention and moving up. That is typical for this time of year.  

I do like his height/weight ratio 6'6 260. I am very curious about his straight line speed. He was recruited to play QB at OK State. He is the type of middle round TE prospect that would be worth taking a flyer on. He looks like a player who can be a decent back-up and balanced at both blocking and receiving. I don't know if he has lost weight or his weight was exaggerated as he was listed as 6'7 275 pounds prior to the EW Shrine game weigh ins. 

TE should not be a huge priority for the Steelers, but a position that if an upgradeable compliment or back-up prospect is there, I would consider in later rounds of the draft. probably wouldn't draft him in the 4th round where he is probably slated right now with the ability to perhaps move up to the third round. 

Gentry and Radar are really not bad back-ups. I would be more in the market to replace Ebron's skillset. A TE who can get vertical and stretch the defense. And stay healthy!!! I.E. compliments Pat's skills or has different skills than Pat (deep speed). 

The problem is the Steelers don't have a 5th or 6th round pick. With other needs that is where I would look if not signing a big name TE to go with two really good TE's.

If he runs halfway decent, I can see him being long gone by the seventh round (probably where the Steelers pick in round four honestly). The Steelers have two picks  in round seven and that would be the ideal place to grab a TE if a more marquee compliment is not traded for or signed in free agency: (OJ Howard, David Njoku, etc.). 

Greg Dulcich is not ranked quite as high, but I see some potential with him and some receiving abilities that would make him an interesting pick. 

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