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2022 Mock, Witty Title Goes Here


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Just now, packfanfb said:

Right. If the Packers weren't such sticklers on those height requirements, I'd agree. It's the reason why I went with Velus Jones in my mock versus a guy like Marcus. Both dynamic return guys.  

If they are deciding to put more emphasis on special teams now, maybe they'll overlook that and draft a guy like him regardless of his height.  Maybe Bisaccia can convince them (probably not, but you never know).

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Do not like Cook at all, pencil in a vet WR yet to be cut who can come in and help us if nothing else.  Along with MVS we can add at this position through the draft.

I do believe Davis will go in the area you have him for us, but I'm not sold on the pick that high for a 2 down player.  If he is more than a 2 down player, he is a steal at pick 22.

Otherwise, love the draft.  Goodrich one of my faves in that area.  Topped off with Ruckert, who I really like and think will go before that.  

Scratch the CC FA signing.

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