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Eagles legend Frank Gore to retire


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23 hours ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

Frank Gore is a guy who's been in the league so long people forget how great he was in his prime, and I think most of it is because by the time the 49ers even became good, Gore was already on the decline.

In this prime, there's a reason the "Inconvenient Truth" ran all over people, Gore was legit. I think he should be in the HOF regardless of longevity, but that sure as heck helps his case.


I agree with that 100%.


Also stealing a comment on this thread to say how great the running backs of the mid-to late 2000’s were.


My lord….

Larry Johnson, LaDainian Tomlinson, Edgerrin James, Steven Jackson, Tiki Barber, Jamal Lewis, Fred Taylor, Clinton Portis, Shaun Alexander, Kevin Faulk, Willis McGahee, Maurice Jones-Drew, DeAngelo Williams, Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, Chris Johnson, Frank Gore, Michael Turner, etc etc etc.* all** played in the league at the same damn time.

*Matt Forte, Darren Sproles, Reggie Bush are some of the top names of the etc. squad 😎

**(except Barber retired in 2006, Alexander retired in 2008. Lewis, James in 2009) 

Is it fair to say we took the running backs of that time for granted because these guys were just that good? while some of those guys didn’t build their legacies until the 2010’s, it’s a fair question 


Is it fair to say the reason running backs are undervalued today is because we don’t have running backs like we used to?

The same way we have quarterbacks now more talented than we used to see in the league (imo)

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On 4/3/2022 at 7:42 PM, Danger said:

He has 1 All Pro (second team)

He eclipsed 1200 yards 3 times. 10 TD once.


Different people have different criteria, but to me he's just bulk stats. Not a bad player but no more worthy than say Hines Ward

What is it that makes 1200 yards so significant? If we chose another arbitrary cut-off, he totaled 1025+ yards 9 times which is pretty good.

Gore also averaged 1100+ yards rushing and 1400+ YFS over 12 seasons, which again is pretty good. That 12-year stretch of production is better than, for example Adrian Peterson's best 12-year stretch (granted Peterson’s averages are lowered by him missing time due to child abuse and injuries, but I don't see how we can hold that in his favor).

His lack of TDs is a legitimate criticism though and some of that is clearly due to his lack of breakaway speed but some of those 49er teams were also just absolute ****-shows. Also, TD production doesn't always correlate to greatness, see e.g. the careers of an Andre Johnson, Julio Jones or OJ Simpson or (to take it another step) Calvin Johnson's 2012 season. 

Don't see the comparison to Hines Ward who is currently #27 on the all time yardage list for WRs, compared to Gore being #3. Isaac Bruce at #5 is a much better comparison if you want to go WR.  

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