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Odell to visit bucs


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It's like we start the season with too many weapons now it feels like we don't have enough lol. Evans is probably the only reliable WR we have. Godwin would be if you can depend on him to stay healthy. 

I thought the Gage signing was too much money for a garbage stats collector in Atlanta (who had no weapons and still let him go lol). Jones was a low risk high reward signing. Meh whatever. 

As long as Odell's behavior issues don't come to rise. Brady usually keeps guys on track. However, with him going through his own stuff off the field - who knows if he's able to keep it together. 

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33 minutes ago, YoungBucs15 said:

Honestly would be fine with the signing but right now I'm thinking it would be worth bringing in Suh instead if we are handing out some money.

I'm wondering if bringing in Odell would even benefit the offense? It's lack luster execution and playcalling from the OL to the QB to the receivers to the RBs. Brady looks in sync all first half. Second half was a slouch. And if it weren't for the refs gift wrapping the Bucs a win on that last drive (no that was not a defensive Holding call on Terrell) - brady flat out threw behind a wide open Godwin on third down. Goedeke and Hainsey are still raw. I don't want to give up on them yet bc theres promise and its only 5 games but it is what it is. The playcalling is flat. Lenny is good one drive and flat the next

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