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Week 5: Cowboys @ Rams


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Not a must win but to me a must show some positives game. The OL is going to be overmatched so it's up to McVay to not let them kill the game and Stafford has to protect the ball. 

Would be nice if the defense can show more aggression today. A turnover can spark the offense a bit but that's not going to happen with the off coverage we've consistently seen. 

I think we should take this one but it may be ugly. 

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Higbee shows up for parts of every season and just drops passes for the rest or gets hurt. Dude is frustrating to watch. 

Kupp is the only player on offense I guess. I feel bad for Stafford at this point. This Oline is hard to watch. 

Defense is allowing too many big plays lately. When the offense is struggling like this, they need to stiffen up. Not sure how many more points this offense can score today so anything more than the 16 they have and we could be in trouble 

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8 minutes ago, LeotheLion said:

Nothing better than a 7 minute scoring drive coming out of the half when you are trailing 

And another burned TO because for some reason they can’t call a play and get to the line in time. How’s this not been fixed after 5-6 years? 

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