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Game #7 - @ San Francisco 49ers


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That looks like a much more satisfying game than last week.

  • Pacheco had a game.
  • What's this about Hardman having two rushing TDs?
  • Five sacks and four were by DL.
  • I always thought Gay had the suddenness to be a good blitzer. Is that what happened or was this a TFL on the QB?
  • I see four TD of at least 70 yards, 8 plays, and three were for more than 4 minutes. A 5th went for 90 yards but no points. This against an elite defense. 
  • Another ST miscue. Skyy I love you but you're killing me.
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I thought MVS had a good game. Took the top off the defense and opened up the middle of the field for JuJu and Kelce to eat. Wish they had a better rush attack but that's a good defense in SF.

Overall, pretty happy considering they spotted them a 10 point lead off the get go.

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Snap counts are out. A few stand out. Backup TE played more and had more targets. It's about time we got Kelce some help. The DL is still shaking out. Saunders got some real PT as in more than Nnadi. Malik Herring also got some work. The 4th quarter had both teams subbing heavily.


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