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Game #7 - @ San Francisco 49ers


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Sunday, Oct. 23    @ San Francisco 49ers

The final game of the gauntlet. We expected the first half to be very difficult and so it has proven. We lost a game we should have won but won a couple we might have lost. On the whole 4-2 is about right for this team at this time. I hope that HC Reid will figure out that he owns a damn good power blocking line and start using the RB he has available as primary weapons. 

The Chiefs open as favorites on the road.


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2 hours ago, Habbsawce said:

Kelce restructured his deal to make cap space. What we thinking guys? I hope it's help on the D line, personally. Or some secondary help.

Kelce restructure frees about 3.5 mil we're still a bit below of 4 mil cap space. About the only player notable that we could fit would be Brian Burns (assuming we're looking at the fire sale in Carolina). Would definitely be nice to have some pass rush without blitzing. 

Edit: Seems Carolina is reluctant to trade him so that'll probably drive up the compensation. He's good but I'd rather not give away a ton of draft capital.

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